James P. Frisch

Estimator/Project Manager
Certified Heater Mason
WA State L&I Certified Journey Level Bricklayer
Current Heartsaver Firstaid/CRP (American Heart Association)
Competent Person Scaffold Safety Card
Certified All Terrain Forklift Safety Card
Certified Aerial Work Platform Operator Safety Card
I am a thrid generation bricklayer and was raised into the masonry trade.  I started out at a very young age as a laborer/hodcarrier and going to jobsites with my father is all I wanted to do whenever I had any breaks from school.  I enjoyed working and being part of a group of men who take pride in everything they do big or small.  Durring this time, I learned to listen and work hard.  After graduating high school in 1998, I wanted to follow in my fathers foodsteps and went to work full-time with Western Masonry.  
A few years after graduating high school, I entered the apprenticeship program to become a journeyman bricklayer.  In 2008, I graduated from Western Masonry's Washington State Certified Apprenticeship Program and became a Certified Journeyman level bricklayer for the state of Washington.  In 2012, I completed training and became a Certified Heater Mason.
I am proud to be a part of a team that are quality craftsman, perfectionists, and pay attention to even the smallest detail.