Allen Foster

Wa. State L & I Certified Journeylevel Bricklayer
Current Heartsaver Firstaid/CRP (American Heart Association)
Competent Person Scaffold Safety Card
Certified All Terrain Forklift Safety Card

I came to work for Western Masonry one month after I got married in the spring of 1988.

Starting as a hod carrier, I was offered the opportunity to become a mason in 1992. Throughout my apprenticeship, I was shown the art by some of the best masons in the trade, most of whom I still work with, and they remain my mentors.

In my 21 years with Western, I have been a part of every aspect of the masonry trade, from schools and libraries, to some of the finest homes that dot Lake Washington.

I know what it takes to make a structure strong and safe, and I know what is necessary to carve the perfect stone.

I think that I have come to love what I do because people love what we do. We are called craftsmen and artists. Nothing could be more rewarding.

Allen Foster